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Paper Studies

Paper and graphite
15” wide x 11” high x varying depth
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These 24 pieces are part of a series begun in 2006 with 141 completed to date. The premise of the series is that a piece of paper is a three dimensional object with a width, a height and a depth with the capacity to be sculptural in its own right. Paper is not necessarily just a 2D abstract plane on which art is applied. Each piece is composed of two identical 15” x 11” sheets of cold pressed watercolor paper (the paper thus has a significant thickness). One sheet of paper is manipulated in some way—folded, compressed, cut, torn, rolled, twisted, punched, scratched, etc and then placed on the second sheet which is always left physically un-manipulated. Graphite is added to mostpieces, aggressively rubbed onto the surface of one or both sheets of paper until a metallic sheen results. The contrast between the two sheets emphasizes the reality and the concept of the three dimensions inherent in the material.