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Archetypal Buildings

Media varies with charcoal, graphite, pencil, water color, powdered pigment, brick dust, clay and rust on architectural drafting velum
36” x 24”
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This is a very important series of drawings for me personally. The work was completed from 1997 to 1998 and shown at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont, in 1998 and at Burlington College in Burlington, Vermont, in 1999. The work represents a shift in my art from highly articulated and conceptual visions of  specific architectural ideas wherein precision and drafting set the tone.

This new work was more emotionally driven and messier (I began applying media with my fingers). The mixed media was applied to drafting velum that had been printed with computer generated patterns of marks or nodes of various kinds. As the media was applied by hand, the printed marks either disappeared or informed the more freely applied final forms of the drawings. As an architect, I was deciding at this time to stick with hand drafting and forgo the CAD (computer aided design) system and I was deciding to work more spontaneously as an artist and an architect.

The title of the series, Archetypal Buildings, is also significant for me. These drawings became more dream like, primal, fundamental, more archetypal and less specific. As an artist, I was becoming less interested in making drawings that could be easily understood as an architectural idea with a message or purpose. The forms that emerge in this series are my archetypes, barely graspable in my subconscious.