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Conceptual Architecture

Media varies with graphite, colored pencil, pen, water color, acrylic paint, photographs and cardboard
Sizes vary from 15” x 11” to 30” x 22”
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I have practiced Architecture since 1969 and during this entire time I have been making art on a parallel track. Much of my artwork has been visionary or conceptual architecture. This has allowed me constant access to personal creative freedom. It has also allowed me to influence my community as an architect and an artist without always needing to do it with built work. Perhaps more importantly, this aspect of my work has continued to influence and inform my architectural design projects.

Some of the conceptual work was based on a particular cause. For example, I have done a series of images showing oil tanks in unconventional or remarkable settings. This work was shown as way to raise consciousness about the inherent beauty of these very large cylinders and to suggest that they might have other reasons to exist in a community. But, in Burlington they were all removed. Other work was inspired by imagining ways in which a unique program could drive a new building type, for example, the process of wheat production as the generator of a new kind of state capital building in Montana. Conceptual architecture is also a good vehicle to explore humor as an important programmatic element for our built world.