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Cosmic Rope Constructions 2016 - 2019

Cosmic Rope Constructions 2016 - 2019

24” wide x 18” high x 2” - 5” deep, acrylic paint and typed copy on paper and ink-jet photographs

This work actually began on a walk I took in 2015 on a beach on Cape Cod. I found bits of nautical rope of various colors entangled in seaweed. These textures and shards of color caught my eye and I photographed them for future use.

Later, in looking at the photos and the interesting and explosive curves and random shapes of the rope, I began to see them as little microcosms of much bigger objects in the universe. I imagined them as the radiation signatures of black holes, planetary nebulae, gravitationally colliding galaxies, supernovae and gravity waves in space. In their finished form, for me, they certainly embody those references.

I started each piece with an enlarged photo, 13” x 19”, featuring the colored rope in the nest of seaweed and I then painted out sections of the photo that I didn’t want with black paint (often most or all of the background). I added three-dimensional elements to the photograph. I painted pieces of paper with acrylics and cut them up into strips or made other three-dimensional shapes from them. I printed photos on matt paper and made 3D shapes of these as well. I also printed out text describing specific cosmic events and added this to the mix. The work progressed fairly spontaneously by adding the forms and the strips one at a time to build up the three-dimensionality of the piece and to enhance the cosmic image I had more firmly in mind. In all of these pieces, I wanted color to be as intense and significant as the forms.