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Cosmic Rope Constructions 2016 - 2019

Cosmic Rope Constructions 2016 – 2019

24” wide x 18” high x 2” - 5” deep, acrylic paint and typed copy on paper and ink-jet photographs

This work started with a walk I took in the fall of 2015 on a beach in Provincetown on Cape Cod. Seaweed had built up in long rows shaped by the tide, and bits of nautical rope of various colors were entangled with the drab colored strands of seaweed. These textures and shards of color caught my eye and I photographed them.

I then added some additional 3D forms in paper. Some of these new elements have copy and random photographs printed on them. As I looked at the Cape Cod photos with the application of new paper shapes, I began to see the work as little microcosms of much bigger objects in the universe. As the pieces evolved I thought of them turning into black holes, planetary nebulae, colliding galaxies, supernovae and gravity waves in space. In their finished form they certainly hold those references for me. The symmetry from a tiny object to a cosmic one was compelling.