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Entropic Buildings

Chipboard constructions painted with acrylic paints with some colored pencil
24” x 24” x varies from 3”-8”
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‘Entropic’ is wordplay coming from Entropy, which itself implies the irreversible tendency for everything in the universe to move from order to disorder, to a very uniform kind of disorder. With this series, completed between 1990 and 1992, I was interested in how buildings break down and change in time and lose the pristine, often Euclidian, geometry of their conception. Slowly architecture becomes or erodes to landscape and ironically landscape often seems slowly to become architectonic, particularly the landscape around a very old building or ruin.

The imaginary buildings in the series are shaped by forces in and on the earth. The buildings, in turn, shape the landscape around them. Imploding aquifers, plate tectonics, gravity, drifting snow and high speed traffic all create bizarre geometries which can surprisingly be found in the real world.

These sculptures may be hung on the wall vertically or sit on a horizontal surface.