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Lake Champlain Chocolates Murals

In 2006 a new fulfillment center for Lake Champlain Chocolates was completed in Burlington, Vermont. In the employee lounge this mural became a focal point of the architectural space. The mural, which was done with acrylic paint on paper is 3 feet high and 17 feet long. It depicts a story line as follows: Coco pods in a tropical environment change into products made by LCC which, in turn, fall into LCC’s packages and are wrapped up and then fall into a LCC truck ready to head into the Vermont landscape. All the elements in this colorful mural reflect in some way the identity and brand of LCC.

In 2007 a second mural was created for additional renovations to the company’s administrative offices. The 4’ high x 51’ long mural surrounds a new employee lounge. The colors and graphics echo packaging designs for new products as well as existing branding icons.