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I began taking photographs of yachts and the yachting world in 2004. I’ve had a series of opportunities to work as a professional photographer on trips to exotic destinations aboard both motor and sailing yachts and many of the photos have been published in yachting magazines. However, it’s not the narratives of the gorgeous locations and journeys that interest me as much as the graphic compositions, often somewhat abstract, that I discovered in the details of the yachts, the relationship of a yacht to its surroundings and the small discoveries in the destinations that were so new and provocative for me.

One particular aspect, which I have found visually fascinating, is the relationship of sunlight, water and the beautiful non-rectilinear surfaces of the yachts. Reflections on both the smooth, curving hulls and the water create luminous and painterly effects that are constantly changing.

My very first photographic exploration with yachts came in 2005 on a trip aboard the sailing yacht, ‘Charlatan’. To see this work, please go to Deckboards in the Photo Collage section of Artwork Galleries.

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