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Red Studios

Seen from the air, the unusual siting for this project is evident. It is based on a "NASA debris" concept which asks the question, "what’s the final geometry and connection to site for a house in orbit above our planet, losing altitude and crashing into the earth at a low angle?" A parallelogram footprint, the wracked shape of a rectangle and "cratered" landscaping are part of the evidence. A hypothetical landing pad, just missed by the descending house and here seen in the meadow, is the septic system for the actual house.

The Red Studios were eventually renovated as the Adler House for new owners who wanted to complete the "NASA debris" concept in the interior which lacked the dynamic impact and "storyline" of the exterior. This view of two new bathrooms piled on top of each other and sheared at odd angles is an example of how the forces of the concept might rearrange the interior program.