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Chance Drawings - artwork that relies on rolling dice, chance, statistics, probability art

51” x 51”
Mixed media including graphite and acrylic paint, on Arches 140# cold pressed paper
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These drawings gave me, at least partially, the opportunity to work with chance as part of the process of making a drawing. It meant giving up control over some of the visual results. The inspiration came first from reading I have been doing in certain areas of theoretical physics. In particular, it came from my interest in the quantum world where events can only be understood and determined by probability. At the micro scale of the physical world chance plays a major role in what we see in the macro world we inhabit.

In these drawings, an alphabet of lines and then color were applied following a system of rolling dice and flipping coins. It is very refreshing and a little frightening to give up control in making art. But, there are also many arbitrary and subjective choices I made in the drawings of this series, including the placement, shape and number of background grids that were the framework on which lines and color were randomly placed.

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