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Big Yellow

84” wide and 102” high
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Big Yellow is 84” wide and 102” high and is made up of 28 separate sheets of paper. At first, I wanted to work on each sheet separately with some overall concept to fix their positions. I wanted each of the 28 drawings to maintain some individuality while working as part of a larger image. As I progressed, I became more interested in the larger composition, its sense of space and the layering of images, but the ½” wide seams between the sheets still define the parts of the whole. Like the ‘Full Scale Drawing’ series that preceded Big Yellow, I wanted the drawing to make a virtual space that the viewer might feel he could walk into. The steps on the right side of the drawing suggest this.

This universe of triangular shapes, of tetrahedrons and pyramids can be perceived on the human macro scale with the shapes being exactly the size as drawn, or on a more cosmic scale with the shapes and volumes referring to Plato’s ideal forms or, finally, on the microscopic or even sub-atomic scale where triangularity begins its organizational structure of matter.