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Big Blue

96” wide and 102” high
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Big Blue is 102” high x 96” wide, made with diluted acrylic paint and graphite on paper. It is composed of 35 individual sheets of paper with the overlapping edges of the sheets defining a large grid on the picture plane. Beyond this grid is a rectilinear world.

The planes of the walls, ceiling and floor of the room in the foreground and the space beyond a doorway are defined by rectilinear grids as are all of the objects and planes floating within the perspective space. For every module in every grid a series of random decisions were made.

First, a coin was flipped to determine whether or not a line would be added to the module. The lines in turn were determined by the role of two dice. If a heads came up a line would be added. After the lines were added, a coin was flipped first to see if color would be added and then flipped again to see what side of the line would receive the color. Many decisions, such as the placement of forms and the colors chosen were subjective rather than random.

Big Blue is of a size and design that encourages the viewer to enter into the virtual space of the drawing. Referencing quantum physics, the modules suggest particles, and the grids with their modules suggest the quantization of space itself.