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Big Red

92” high x 92” wide, acrylic paint, colored pencil and graphite on paper
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Big Red is composed of 64 individual pieces of watercolor paper, each 12” x 12”. The ½” overlapping seams where the papers join do not figure prominently in the final graphic image. By contrast, these seams played a big part in the composition of Big Green, Big Blue and more subtly in Big Yellow.

Big Red is a composition of parabolas, ellipses and arcs of circles (as well as some angled straight-line elements that enrich the geometric field). The curves emerge from a background of grids divided into modules or pixels which progress from 1/8” x 1/8” to 2” x 2”. The pixilated background is symbolic for me of the scientific hypothesis that space is granular and non continuous.

The curved lines in Big Red, rather than being smooth and continuous, are pixilated according to the scale of the background grid. Mathematically, curved lines can be described as small segments (points) that change position incrementally. So, the curves in Big Red represent this idea and definition. I believe that there are no pure continuous curved lines in nature just as there are no continuous mathematically straight lines. Big Red represents a three-dimensional world as granular and pixelated and in a two-dimensional plane.