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Big Green

97” high x 97” wide, acrylic paint, colored pencil and graphite on paper
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Big Green is composed of 56 individual pieces of paper that are glued together at overlapping seams. Each piece is of a different shape and all go together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. 

Graphically, Big Green contains all of the geometric elements of the other three large drawings in The Quartet. There are triangles and pyramids that are unique to Big Yellow, squares and cubes that are unique to Big Blue and ellipses and parabolas unique to Big Red. These elements all take their own unique place in the composition. 

Big Green is a summary of the entire Quartet, but Big Green is also a landscape. It seems to have a narrative in contrast to the other three drawings in The Quartet. Green is a very difficult color to work with because it is so suggestive of nature, of landscape. I saw that I couldn’t struggle against this, so I let Big Green become a world as viewed from various angles.

The perspectives change from a high birdseye view of what might be a landscape below, then revolve 90 degrees to a ground level horizontal perspective. 

One can see references to rivers, clouds, mountain ranges, crop circles and architectonic structures. But, Big Green does hold its own as a fellow member of The Quartet, an abstraction of carefully and densely rendered lines and shapes.