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UVM Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences Mural

Architectural mural at University of Vermont

Working very closely with the faculty of the department, the "Story of Food" is presented on the exterior and interior of the building. The south facing elevation has icons embedded in the glass symbolizing the changing seasons and landscape of Vermont. The density of repetition of the icons (such as corn stubble or bare branches) controls the transparency of the glass facade and the amount of sunlight that can enter the building.

Mural at UVM Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences
Egg shaped skylight
Nighttime view of public art at UVM
Detail of corn mural at University of Vermont

The main entrance is defined by the "Egg", an egg shaped stairwell and graphic wall covered with images illustration the Story of Food as narrated by the faculty. These images are seen both from the outside and inside pedestrian flow. The facade and the "Egg" illustrate what is taught within the new department. Thus, the department and the building design communicate to all what goes on inside the classrooms and laboratories.

Vermont muralist John Anderson's work at UVM